I felt compelled to write this blog after I discovered Hands On Gloves, and found them to be ah-mazing! So I thought why not have a look through my kit and see what other goodies are available on the market now to help us keep our neddies looking beautiful.
#1 – Obviously – Hands On Gloves
These were priceless to me when I was pregnant (how many times did I drop a brush and have to bend down to pick it up before I got these??) They have a velcro strap to fasten, much like riding gloves, and the nobbles on the palms and fingers lift dirt quickly and easily. You can find out more at https://handsongloves.com/  – they can be bought at Horse Health for £18.95
#2 – Backpack Groom n Vac
Are you kidding me? You can now vacuum your horse clean – this sounds much quicker and easier than scrubbing away for hours after your horse comes in caked in dust and dirt. I’m not how sure this would fare in the wetter months, but what a novelty! Learn more and buy at Backpack Groomer – £199.00
#3 – SleekEZ
Much like the HandsOn Gloves, the SleekEZ blade is a simple concept designed to speed up ridding your horse’s coat of that pesky dirt and dust, and comes highly recommended for shedding your horses hair. The reviews have been fabulous, and you can even use it on your dog or cat so why not learn more at SleekEZ.com or purchase online at Wright Equine – from £19.95 RRP
#4 – Silverfeet Hoof Balm
A natural hoof balm with silver ions to help keep your horses feet looking and feeling great. Please note that this alone is not a guarantee of healthy feet, but supports a healthy feeding and care routine. The tubs of balm go a long way, and come in four different colours! For more information, visit Silverfeet.com or visit your local stockist (your farrier may even be able to supply this to you!) from £10.50 RRP
#5 – Masterclip Showmate Cordless Trimmer
These little clippers are great for tidying up fetlocks, legs, hogged manes and faces. I recently chopped my Welsh cob’s feathers off with scissors and took off the last inch or so with this little beauty. The battery life is fantastic, they’re very quiet which is great for nervous horses, and I think they prove great value for their £54.99 RRP. Replacement blades can be purchased from £18.99. They also come in a choice of three colours! Find out more at Masterclip.co.uk
#6 – NAF Silky Mane & Tail D-Tangler
I wouldn’t be without this in my grooming kit. Even if you’re in a rush and won’t be brushing it through, this works wonders with my cob’s thick tail. It has a pleasant smell, and leaves your horse shiny and tangle free with minimal effort – RRP £11.60/750ml spray bottle
Happy purchasing and grooming! If you have a gadget or grooming tool that you just can’t live without, please share in the comments below so that we can all enjoy the goodies.
Now that your horse is ready to be beautiful, shiny and clean, contact me to discuss and book your photoshoot today!

Laura Fiddaman Equine Photographer