Don’t point that camera at me!

Sound familiar? I know it can be daunting getting in front of a camera lens, but this is your shoot, and we all want you to get the best out of it.
My main bit of advice to you is to relax. I like to think I’m quite personable and easy to get on with, so just treat it a bit like any other day at the yard/beach/forest and relax. If you’re relaxed your horse will be more at ease. There is no time limit to your shoot so there’s no need to stress about your horse being tricky, we will take the time it takes. Rest assured you will come away from your shoot with some beautiful images.
Whilst I don’t expect your equine friend to be polished and preened to HOYS standard, I would recommend that you spend a bit of time preparing them for their moment in the spotlight. There are things that I can tidy up in post processing, but I don’t want to spend hours cleaning your horses stable stains up – I get to do that in real life with my own horse!
Talk to me. I absolutely love hearing about your pride and joy, your highs and lows, their niggles and habits and how you came to be a pair. Not only do all of us horsey people love to talk about our neddies, it will also help put you at ease. Win win! This also helps me when I come to write up my blog about your shoot.
Posing really is the last of your worries. The wonderful thing about your equine photoshoot is that you have your horse with you. The usual question in portrait photography is what to do with your hands and arms. With your shoot you’ll have no such problem as you will likely be holding your lead rope or reins. Even at liberty we would stick to keeping it natural, whether this be holding your horses head to go in for a smooch or leaning in for that cuddle.
Please feel free to contact me to discuss further and book your photoshoot. I will always contact you once your booking request is received to discuss location, participants and any special requirements you may have.

Laura Fiddaman Equine Photographer