Spring Blog ImageOwners rejoice – Spring time is here, and the nights are getting longer.
Horses and ponies are out for longer, and without rugs. That thick winter coat is starting to moult (but you already know that, from the copious amounts of hair stuck in or on all of your clothes!) and rides after work are no longer a mad rush before sunset.
Spring grass is coming through, and those April showers aren’t slowing the growth! Prepare for the gymnastics and above-airs dance moves, and remember that all experience is good experience. Enjoy the extra pennies you’re not spending on hay or feed now that there’s so much greenery to take in.
Babies are on the way! I’m talking about foal babies, not babies like mine! Although there are plenty of those expected too. Watch those long legs frolicking around the paddock, and I challenge you not to smile.
The bluebells are blossoming, as are all of the other beautiful plants that create the gorgeous scenery around the yard, and surrounding area.
Spirits will be lifting along with the clouds, and despite the showers, we will generally have drier fields and tracks – and less slip-sliding around on trampled ground.
Enjoy the milder weather for the next few weeks – it won’t be long before we’re saying it’s too hot! I for one am looking forward to some summer riding, just as soon as this little one makes an appearance, and I can get back up into the saddle.
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Laura Fiddaman Equine Photographer