Welcome Blog ImageHello, horse lover!
Welcome to my little corner of the interweb, where you can learn more about me and what I love to do. I’ll be sharing a selection of images from each shoot, and talking a little bit about my clients and their horses, their history and their hopes and dreams (and a bit of my own!).
As a child growing up, I’ve always loved horses and as with most equestrians they have run in my blood since I had my first ride. 25 years on and circumstances now¬†allow me the opportunity to combine my passions for horses and photography.
Horses and owners have a special bond that completely intrigues me, and every relationship is unique, beautiful and deserves to be captured, and remembered forever.
Seeing the trust a horse and rider have in each other might be more easily seen out jumping, or in a dressage arena. It’s the quieter moments that interest me most – the day-to-day interactions in the field, or over the stable door. An exchange in hand, a quiet cuddle or a little chat between horse and owner. These are the golden moments that I will catch on camera. That quiet indescribable bond.
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Laura Fiddaman Equine Photographer