Why you should book a winter portrait shoot with your horse.
I know; you’ve been thinking about booking a photoshoot, but Christmas is coming up, and the weather isn’t any good, and your horse is hairy and covered in mud, and the ground is sticky, and you want that golden glow, and… Just stop right there.
Firstly, now is a great time to suggest a photoshoot voucher as a Christmas gift (if you’re anything like me, there’s nothing you really need that you can think of, and you’ve just restocked your horse’s wardrobe!) A voucher can be redeemed immediately, or saved for that promising Spring/Summer shoot. Just hold that thought.
You wouldn’t believe me if I said that there are as many opportunities throughout Summer for a shoot to be cancelled as over Autumn/Winter, right? Well, this is Great Britain, and trust me whatever time of year it is, if the weather puts our plans on hold we can reschedule. Don’t let the weather be a deciding factor in your shoot.
That golden glow that you have fantasised about when browsing through photos of people snuggled up to their horses, that’s found at sunset. Guess what? At this time of year that means no late nights! Winter sun is much softer, and often reflects beautifully through sparse tree branches, off early morning frosts, and through the mystical fog and mists that descend at this time of year. It also has a magical softening effect on your skin in photographs. Are you starting to like winter shoots yet?
You can layer up your wardrobe, get snuggled up and accessorised with your hats, scarves, jackets, gilets and boots. I love layering up, and hiding those chocolate bar sins, I don’t know about you! I am building up a selection of outfits to inspire your photoshoot wardrobe over on Pinterest – take a look here. This is something I will add to regularly, so if you’re preparing for a shoot, do check back.
Whether you opt for a woolly teddy bear look (hopefully with mud brushed out to silky-soft perfection!), or decide to clip your horse, their coats can still look shiny and beautiful. If you are going to clip your horse, the best time to do this is 2 weeks prior to your shoot. This will give the natural oils in their coat time to do their thing, and any wayward lines or tufts will be hidden as the clip begins to grow back through.
Less than perfect ground? Don’t worry about wet and muddy conditions. I can assure you that these won’t come across as you would expect in your images, and you’ll probably not notice muddy fields at all. If you’re super worried that your yard isn’t going to provide suitable conditions, then the beach is a good alternative to consider if you feel safe doing so!
Also, I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but I have a waiting list for snow shoots – there’s been none for the last three years and I would absolutely love to capture some magical snowy photos for you if the white stuff decides to make an appearance.
So if you want to book your photoshoot, don’t put it off just because it’s November. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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