Ok, so you’ve checked out my website, and you like what you see. You’ve looked at the pricing page and you’re wondering how it all compares to the photographer that’s charging less, that’s just down the road.

I’m glad you’re here, as I’d love to share some of the little extras that my clients have received, and why I believe that my photoshoots offer great value for money. Aside from the obvious – 1-2 hours shooting time & complimentary 10 x 8 print, what else goes on that makes me worth your hard earned cash?

Something that I pride myself on is going the extra mile, and if that means a tricky situation that takes us a little longer than anticipated, then that’s fine. If you have a specific backdrop in mind, that’s a bit of a walk away – no problem. If you’d like to involve your dogs, llamas, pigs, goats or other beloved pets – if you can get them there, I’m more than up for it! Family? No trouble.

If you’ve got a vision, then just drop me a message and I’d love to help you make it a reality.

I am a horsey person myself, and I know what I’m looking for in my shoots. I understand the warning signs of a horse that’s getting agitated, and I tailor every shoot to the horse and owner I am with. I don’t expect your horse to be a supermodel and stand still for 2 hours whilst we tweak your hair, adjust your dress and change our minds a hundred times. Part of what I enjoy about equine photography is the unexpected moments where it all comes together after everyone’s been a bit fidgety. I’ve got patience by the bucket load when it comes to my job, and I can promise you I’ve never come away from a shoot worrying that there are no usable images.

Little surprises go a long way, that’s why my clients will always receive little goodies with their orders. Anniversary? Maybe you’ll get a little love heart ornament with an image from your shoot on it. Birthday? A personalised lanyard, or bonus print. Or maybe you’ll get a treat hand picked by me from a fellow small business owner, and these are often things that I have, or would like, for myself. Every order package goes out with a little sticker like this one, because who doesn’t love a little surprise?

First impressions matter, and there’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that my brand represents me, and what I offer. All products are sampled by myself, to ensure you are receiving the best quality for the best price. If I wouldn’t have it myself, I won’t provide it to you. Samples are always brought to your photoshoot so that you can have a peek at what you’re investing in. Once your order is received, it is hand packaged by me, so that your unboxing experience is an enjoyable and exciting one!

Referrals are my best prize for my work, so if I can give you a wonderful experience and a gallery that you love, then hopefully you will share that love with your friends! Every client has the opportunity to get a 10% discount on their product order if they refer a friend for a photoshoot. The more you refer, the greater the discount you could receive. Your referral voucher comes in your welcome pack with a personalised code! I’m also currently working on collaborating with fellow small business owners to provide some exciting new offers for my clients to enjoy.

Packages will save you money, but if you can’t see a package that fits your needs on my price list, I offer bespoke package pricing, guaranteed to provide worthwhile savings. These can include prints, canvas, art panels, or any other product I offer. I’d love for you to have as many images on display as possible, as this is where I believe photographs should be – on the wall, or displayed in a gorgeous photo album that you can regularly flick through with a big smile on your face!

I’d love to hear from you with your ideas and stories, so please get in touch!