I have been listening a lot to Radio 1 travelling to and from photoshoots and events. There’s a lot of talk lately about their Teen Awards 2018, which will be taking place in October, and it got me thinking. There are so many people out there in our everyday lives who do wonderful things; who have acted selflessly, inspired others or done something just outright amazing or courageous. Or maybe they’ve done something that they’d think is super simple, but has changed your life.

For example, there’s this one very strong woman I had the pleasure of meeting last year, and she has absolutely inspired me to do this. If you haven’t heard about How to Make Friends yet, then you need to head over to Facebook or Instagram and have a look. Gemma has battled through her own personal challenges, and has come out the other side determined to help others do the same – and she’s doing a fabulous job of it!

Now, I am only one person, and I can’t offer an awards ceremony in the limelight of Wembley, but I really want to find one of these people in the equine or canine community, and offer them some of my time.

I would like to offer a full equine or canine photoshoot to a deserving individual. You send me your story, and why you believe this person deserves the recognition, and the one that inspires me the most will receive this one-off session.

Details are as follows:

  • Nominee will receive Standard Equine Shoot or Canine Shoot
  • This includes up to 2 hours shooting time at a location of the nominee’s choosing within Suffolk or further afield at the discretion of Laura Fiddaman Photography
  • Shoot includes up to 3 outfit changes for the nominee
  • Nominee will receive a full day of image processing, with their images uploaded to a private gallery for viewing
  • Nominee will receive an upgraded complimentary 18″ x 12″ of their favourite image from the gallery, with the option to purchase additional products should they choose to
  • Images will be used in marketing materials, and a blog will be published following the session
    Nominee will be required to sign a model release and portrait session contract
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change

I would love for you to share your stories, because all too often we don’t take the time to treat ourselves, and when it comes to our beloved pets, there’s just no better way to do that! Let’s capture them some special memories, and make them feel loved. Go!