You might have seen my recent video on my Facebook page that I just couldn’t wait to film, so that I could share my latest addition to the product catalogue – my gorgeous photo albums!

I’d been delaying getting album samples for some time as I’ve been wanting to find the perfect product for you all, so when I put together my demo book and sent it off to be made, it was with both excitement and trepidation. Now, there are a number of options available on these, but I have chosen what I believe to be the perfect finish to compliment my style of editing, and also provide a beautiful final product that you will want to look through time and again.

When the package arrived, I was firstly impressed with how fast it arrived with me (coming from Germany I had expected it to be 10-14 days, but it arrived within the week!) so no long waiting times. It was very safely packaged, and I was a bit nervous when I got to the gift box. I needn’t have worried, it was every bit as tactile and fabulous as I’d hoped. With a smooth matte finish, and soft padded cover, it’s a product that you will love to hold.

Images can start from the inside cover as I have done with the sample book, or I can start images from the right page and leave the inside cover clear if you would prefer. These albums allow 100% customisation for your requirements, and I have full creative licence over how your images will be laid out so you can rest assured your final album will be exactly as you’d imagined it.

The pages are supported by a cardboard substrate, resulting in a luxurious strong finish, and I honestly think I could flick through them for days on end and you wouldn’t see the wear you find with normal papers. On top of this, your album is lay-flat bound, meaning that you can have one photo that crosses from one page to the next, but you won’t get any seams or breaks in the image. I love this, as it gives great flexibility with your layouts, with no fear of a crease ruining the aesthetic.

Albums start from 10 pages (5 spreads) and I suggest using around 20 – 28 images for this number of pages, so that your images don’t get too cluttered. As a guide, my sample album contains 24 photos. My standard offering of album size is 19 x 19cm or 28 x 28cm, however there are landscape and portrait options available which I can provide pricing for should you wish. You can add extra pages up to a maximum of 36 (18 pages).

This album will come with me to all photoshoots so if you’d like to see and feel the quality, don’t just take my word for it, I absolutely invite you to take a look for yourself!

My only regret? I wish I’d gotten the images of me and Rio in the album instead!