Finding the silver lining

How’s your week been? It’s a bit of a crazy world out there at the moment, but I’ve found a lot of comfort in how much most of society has pulled together. It’s great to see that we do still have the sense of community in tough times. It was particularly moving to hear the claps, cheers and car horns for the NHS – were you at the door for them?

Every little helps

Gratitude has been a huge revelation over the last few weeks and months, and has really come into it’s own this week. As it goes, this week I’ve had plenty to celebrate as well as little things that I’ve loved having or doing. The thing is, sometimes you really do have to actively think about it to appreciate how much good you’ve actually had. I’ll share some of my celebrations with you, and I’d love you to comment with your ‘wins’ too!

Collaboration Alert!

This month I joined an exciting collaboration with Sophie Callahan and a handful of other country photographers. Click through to see the recently launched stock gallery here:

Spring Double giveaway

Nominate a key worker over on instagram for the chance to win over £1,700 worth of prizes EACH.

Invisible Equestrian Feature

This month’s Absolute Horse features the Invisible Equestrian project alongside a host of other health focussed topics.

Grab your copy for FREE at your local tack store (whilst keeping your distance from others…) or read online here

Not forgetting the little things

  • Being at home with my family
  • Cuddles whilst working from home from Eliza & Jim 💜
  • Time to pin down my morning routine
  • The amazing experience of hearing the new 8D track from Pentatonix. If you haven’t heard it – go find it now! It’s a whole new world of musicality
  • Community awareness both online and offline
  • Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, Messenger – keeping us together whilst we’re apart from loved ones

How about you? What have you enjoyed this week, what’s made you smile? Comments below!

Much love & stay safe,