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Lockdown lounging

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that I love a good exercise burst every now and again. I was doing really well with Joe Wickes meals and HIIT workouts in 2018! It all went a bit wrong when I had a week off for a Butlins holiday – and then never really got back in the game! 

Since lockdown started, I’ve just not been feeling it. I managed 3 workouts in 3 days, before I ended up with a migraine, and a cricked neck. Toodle-loo then motivation! BUT. It’s time to change all that!

Motivation & support

It goes without saying that support gives you great motivation when you’re trying to get fit, get healthy, lose weight, eat better… etc, etc.

I’ve always been lucky in that whenever this bit of my brain switches over and I decide it’s time to “do something”, Jim always goes along with it and helps where he can. Now I’ve also got Eliza on my team! That’s where the 4/7/3 challenge comes in for June, run by Susannah Jane Money-Schenk.

Susannah is the face behind SJMS Osteopathy, and also runs networking events in Essex called For the Good of the Horse. She’s a seriously good egg, and like all of us, just wants the best for our equine friends. This is all about educating ourselves as horse owners and riders, and being able to trust the professionals we need to keep our horses happy. 

The challenge

You can find out full details on what’s involved over on Susannah’s page, but I’ll give you a quick overview:

  • 4 weeks
  • 7 daily rules
  • 3 weekly rules
  • 5 x 30 minute workouts per week

She’s even providing three workouts per week included in the price, and three mobility exercises to keep your musculoskeletal system in good shape too. 

Preparing for the month ahead

So, I thought, as I have a very sedentary day job, and we’re not getting out a lot, I’d see what 3 litres of water and 10,000 steps in one day was like. I’ll have to let you know on that, because it’s currently 8.30pm and I’ve done 2.5 litres & 7,000 steps. This was with a 35 minute power walk! Yikes. I’m definitely going to have to set my alarm and get up for a morning walk to achieve this. 

    Lessons from the walk

    • “hacking” without a horse is still pretty beautiful (just not quite the same…)
    • Footwear is important. Wear appropriate shoes.
      • This evening I went out in my deck shoes. I never realised how much strain, it puts on the shins, to hold those bad boys on when attempting to walk any faster than a casual stroll!
      • New trainers are on order, but not quite here! Won’t be doing that again!
    • Leggings are probably best. Get some airflow!
      • Tonights choice: BLACK JEANS. Nope.
    • You may look like a tomato, but people will still politely nod and say good evening whilst out for a stroll with their dog
    • 10,000 steps is a long way. I walked 3km this evening, and hoped I’d be close! Haha. Ha.
    • I can do this – it feels bloody good at the end! 

    What do I want from this?

    I’m writing this blog to give myself accountability. Hopefully next month I’ll be writing another to say how much better I’m feeling! I want to be the best I can be for myself, my daughter, my husband and my clients. I want to know that if the perfect spot for a photo location is a mile’s walk across a huge field, that I’m not puffing and panting to get there! 

    It also dawned on me as I walked back to the car this evening, that although I’d love to be back in the saddle. I am PUSHING HORSE RIDING AWAY. I keep telling myself that I’ll be OK if I can find a suitable weight carrying horse to enjoy every now and again. Really? I’m absolutely not OK with sitting on a horse right now. It’s not because I don’t want to – I’d love to. It’s because I FEEL heavy. Hey, once I feel better in myself, the right thing will come up! So I have a lot to do this for.

    Photo credit Evie Lewis Photography >>>

    How about you? Have you been feeling the lockdown lull, or are you bossing it?

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