I take great pleasure in welcoming Francesca of Country Frantics! Today I’m sharing a little more about my latest brand ambassador – country blogger, horse mum & all around beautiful soul. Fran joins me at an important time in my photography career when I’m starting to explore my own personal projects. Never fear, this is alongside my commissioned portrait sessions! I’m looking forward to working closely with her on this, as well as collaborating with some exciting brands throughout 2020.

Francesca & Adie Country Frantics

What better way to get to know this lovely new face than some on-the-spot questions? Let’s fire away!

How did Country Frantics come about?

For years I have always really enjoyed reading through blogs and reviews on different products and about other people’s lives with similar interests to myself. I always had visions of maybe starting up my own blog to talk about all things horses and fashion. I just never really had the confidence to do it. Two years ago, I went through a really difficult time in my life and I decided to just go for it! I found the only way to switch off from the outside world was to talk about my passions and get lost in writing! Country Frantics was born, a country girl living in a frantic world.. I had to get my name in there somehow too! Since then, I have never looked back!

I love your Country Frantics logo, can you tell us about the horses shown with you in it?

Thank you! My logo originated from a photo that I adore of Buddy and I walking down a track near my yard taken by my mum. At the point of starting my blog I only had Buddy and my dad initially drew the picture for me before I sent it off to Rosie Youngs Illustration and she created the logo beautifully! It was perfect, but it didn’t stay perfect for long! 6 months later I re-homed Adie my RSPCA rescue pony and 2 became 3. The logo had to be updated by Rosie and now I feel the logo really represents my life!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Well, most of my spare time I like to spend with my horses. There are always jobs to be done and I love to spend quality time with them on in-hand walks and grooming. aside from horses I really enjoy going for dinners with friends, exploring different places with my boyfriend Alex and going on dog walks in the countryside.

Where is your favourite place you’ve visited?

My favourite place so far has to be Barbados but I was very young when I went with my parents so I cannot remember much of it apart from it was the best holiday I have been on! I also absolutely love the North of the UK and visiting places like the Yorkshire Dales & The Lake District.

Where would you love to visit one day?

I would love to visit Hawaii. My parents got married there and I came out 9 months later! It looks like such a beautiful place and I would love to walk along the beach that my parents got married on one day.

What piece of advice has really stuck with you?

Treat people how you would like to be treated is a massive piece of advice I have grown up with! I stand by this very firmly. Also, to not let negative and horrible comments stop me from being me and doing what I love. I have suffered from bullying in the past and I still do now, so I always try to keep this in mind when I feel low because of others.

What are you & Country Frantics hoping to achieve in 2020?

I always have lots of idea’s of things I would love to achieve but not all of those are possible in a years time however, I would love to reach the next milestone over on my Instagram of 4K followers, continue to create content for my blog and be more consistent with it and potentially start up a YouTube Channel! I also would love to put my ideas from paper to person for my own equestrian clothing and something could potentially be in the pipeline very soon, but that’s more of a lifetime ambition I think!

Where can we find you?

Instagram – @francescasimes

Website – https://www.countryfrantics.com

Digital Horse – Personal / Country Frantics

Twitter – @countryfrantics

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about Francesca. We have a few bits already planned for 2020, so do keep in touch or subscribe to the mailing list to stay up to date with the latest updates!

We are LOVING Digital Horse and the wonderful community over there, so if you haven’t already we would love you to join us. It’s a hate-free, anti-bullying equestrian networking site, with a bunch of handy features to keep track of your horses. Even your horse gets it’s own profile!

You can read all about my brand ambassador Carrie and her horses here – we’ll be catching up for a 2019 roundup very soon!

Happy hump day, and I hope you have a fabulous week 💜