How have you been since my last check in? If you missed it, you can catch it here! I am looking ahead with full positivity for 2021, let’s jump in.  

Positive changes

T-shirts today – and that’s without having 6 other layers on top, yup, t-shirt weather in February!  Admittedly our ‘t-shirt weather’. When riding the eighth horse or mucking out the 10th, may not be everyone’s idea of lounging hot. Regardless, the sun is out! The sky is blue, the horses are out in the field getting some sun on their backs. There’s even bounce in the ground which is neither rock hard nor soaking wet!

Ticking off the positives

Today is definitely a day for positivity, so am I allowed to just list them, and for this month’s Blog at least we’ll banish all thoughts of anything other?

  • BE has announced the season will open in April and has already produced a schedule of early events.  Hurray! Competitions are what we all work for, and need. The news that sport will soon be underway is very exciting.
  • Poo.  Our muck trailer is now half as full at the end of each week as it was before using Caviera bedding.  This is incredible!  We’ll do proper reviews and comments online as we continue to trial it, but as a kick-off effect – WOW.
  • Also on the subject of poo… our muck trailer emptying is being taken over by Euston farms and we are so grateful.  Chocolates on the way to them I think…
  • We’re looking to recruit a new bod to the team.  This is a direct result of the number of horses we’re now being asked to take in.  It feels hugely positive to know that we are now in a position to grow the team. Thank you everyone, and here’s hoping someone just our right side of mad is keen/able to join!
  • Brilliant photo shoot with Laura Fiddaman last weekend.  The sun shone, the breeze ruffled, the horses shone, Laura snapped away in her usual calm, patient, relaxed way.  I dressed up in more stunning kit courtesy of Holland Cooper and Forelock & Load; and tried my best to look natural. The latter I still find tricky but it’s easier when I’m on a horse! Tigga especially seriously strutted her stuff in her pristine white bandages from Forelock & Load.  She is born to perform that one, she is going to carry a tailcoat well.
  • The new arena surface arrived with a whoosh.  Literally.  All over the driveway.   Never have we been so grateful for a friendly neighbour with a tractor and scoop!  And it was timely as well. Laid and levelled just in time for the Big Freeze so riding carried on regardless.  The youngsters made full use of the trampoline feel they got! I hadn’t thought they needed help in that regard but it was good (?) to see there were even more shapes in those there rising five-year-old legs waiting to come out!  The surface has also been christened, an important occasion in any arena. One small bottom has hit the ground thus far 👀. The small bottom’s owner declared the Flexiride cushioning ‘very good indeed’! Thank you for taking that one for the team!
  • I’m becoming acquainted with export rules to USA.  Fingers crossed, more details next month – but for now, a big experience tick for Team Mountford Sport horses and one I hope to make much use of in the years to come🤞

I think that’s enough for now. I’m going running – nothing to do with extra chins, everything to do with the thought of keeping up with these firecrackers when cross-country starts next month. Positive thoughts! NEXT MONTH!

See you there,

Polly Mountford
Mountford Sport Horses

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