Welcome back

Don’t worry – I’m not about to try and give you tips on riding your horse forward (I’m no expert!). I just wanted to share a bit of behind the scenes change that’s going on here at LFP HQ.

You’ll probably know that I’m a one-woman band. I just love everything to do with horses, and being around them. That’s how all of this started; and it’s that passion I want to really tap into for the next stage in my business life.

Change is afoot

I have had an absolute blast these last 5 years photographing you all at dressage, jumping, showing and even Trec. It always gives me such a feeling of joy to see people out enjoying their horses. That’s what this crazy horse world is all about, when it all comes down to it – right?! Seeing you all out having fun, smiling with your gorgeous horses & ponies has kept me going through the hottest & wettest days I’ve worked.

It’s time for a change of pace though, for me. The pandemic has been tricky, but not disastrous; it’s made me really reflect on how I want to move ahead in my business. Long days stood in varying weathers, for uncertain pay (let’s be straight here – we don’t get anything from the venues & in some cases have to pay them a percentage), when I could be at home spending time with my husband & 5 year old daughter… It’s just not where I’m at any more.

Change for the better

I want to be around for these moments. So I can capture the stuff that is close to my heart & builds my passion for photography; whilst being there as a mum & a wife too. I’m in the process of being assessed by the chronic fatigue unit here in Suffolk, and sometimes there are days that I can barely get out of bed – I need to make my health a priority too.

Fear not my competitor friends, because I’m still going to be about at the odd show. Hastingwood lovelies I will be with you for 3 dates. Melody is taking the reins for the other 3 as well as the BSPS Area 16 shows. I’ll be photographing in April at Trinity Park as part of the team for the Spring show, all being well!

SO, with that all said and done! Now is the time to get your last orders in for event pictures. If you’ve been thinking about getting but not quite gotten around to it yet – today’s the day. As of November 1st, all event galleries will be taken down to free up my image storage (there’s a LOT of them!) They will be archived on external storage, but after November 1st there will be a £5 admin fee to retrieve them.

So what am I up to?

All of this is to say, I can focus my energy on doing what I love most. That is capturing you with your horses, and creating dog portraits with my new Pawtrait sessions. I will also continue working with businesses to provide commercial imagery, as well as an addition of editing services for photographers.

I will be doing 3 portrait photoshoots per month in 2022, to ensure every one of you who invest in a portrait experience has my full dedicated attention. I’m also excited to arrange a handful of mini shoot days where you’ll be able to get the same great results at a lower price point. If you want to get your yard on the waiting list, just drop me an email and I’ll keep you updated on availability. Prices will start from £95.

Thank you for supporting me as your event photographer all these years!

I would love to see some of your favourite images from events over the years (bonus points if they’re mine!). Please tag me on Insta (@laurafiddamanphoto) or Facebook (Laura Fiddaman Photography) so I can see them!

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