The investment that pays for itself

Wouldn’t it be great if you could present your product or service online and have it sell itself? I have the best news – you absolutely can! Booking a commercial photoshoot for your business or personal brand in today’s world is a game changing investment. Phones are getting more technical, with better cameras, new apps and so many options. So why would you want to pay someone else to take photos?

Investment in you, gives your clients confidence

When you are prepared to invest in yourself, people become invested in you too. You can share this on your website, your social accounts, blogs, print marketing… Absolutely anywhere & everywhere. Commercial photoshoots are about more than a pretty collection of photos. It’s all in the strategy – and it’s one you need to be budgeting for. Tell your story through a high quality series of images, that NOBODY else is going to have. Last year I had the pleasure of working with a number of businesses on their imagery. You can read about Susannah at SJMS Osteopathy’s experience here.


Not only am I able to share consistent branding, my photos look amazing on social media & my income has gone up



Invest into the planning

What are your goals for the photoshoot?

  • Rebranding
  • New product/service/course launch
  • Building on your know, like, trust factors with your potential clients

Where will you use the images?

  • Website
  • Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn
  • Google Ads / Facebook Ads
  • Printed material

Knowing your desired outcome makes planning your photoshoot much easier. You won’t realise how important photo orientation is until you try to create a website banner with a portrait photo! 

Have you ever fallen down the Pinterest rabbithole?

Goodness knows I have – but that was before I found out how powerful it can be for mood boards! You’ll still need to take check of how long you’re on it, but I always recommend having a board that you can pin your favourite photos, colours, styles, outfits and inspiration to.

Even better – you can share it with your photographer, and they will know EXACTLY what you love and where to take your shoot!

    • Create a secret board
    • Fill it with images you love. What stands out?
    • Find images that align with your own personal style, pin them
    • Add colour palettes that represent your brand and ethos
    • Product images – see a style you like? Pin it
    • Dream photoshoot locations – pin them
    • Pin the type of shots would you love for your bank of stock images
      • Head shots, looking straight at the camera
      • In your workspace – close ups, detail shots
      • Candids – wide angle or cropped in
    • Your own images that work for you right now – let’s keep it cohesive!

    Put together a detailed shot list

    The more information the better. If you know you want to share content with specific images, this is the time to shout about it! It also helps us to plan the session with less back and forth.

    Investing in the planning can save you money & time in the future; we ensure you have what you need & we don’t miss out the important bits on the day.

    I’m more than happy to share a template for you to work through these, and many photographers will have a few prompts and questions to get you started on this. The more background detail we have, the more we can represent you and your brand. 


    For example

    • Description: treating equine patients
    • Framing: full length / mid length crop
    • Location: on the yard
    • Props & styling: outdoor treatment wear with branded gilet and horse
    • Notes: clear yard of tools/buckets, no brooms etc. Horse to be groomed

    But I don’t have time for that!

    Have no fear, if you are looking for someone to take all of the time and stress constraints away, your shoot can be planned for you. From model and location sourcing, to styling and makeup – ask your photographer if they offer a full package and how they can help. 

    People need to know, like & trust you before they invest in you

    Your brand imagery is your first impression on your potential client; your shop window. Before they even meet you, they will have formulated an emotion toward you and your business. With the right photos telling your story becomes easy & relatable. Know.

    You can share photos of behind the scenes. Day to day tasks you do. Upcoming product sneak peeks. Or you can dive in and share your why, and tell us your origin story. Like.

    Julie Driver wanted to incorporate her story into her photoshoot last year – a serious skiing accident where she very nearly lost her leg. This is such a huge part of her story, and gives us an insight into her dedication, and what Pilates can do for you! Trust.

    Stock imagery is great, but is it you?

    Whilst there are thousands of options out there for stock images nowadays, how long do you want to spend looking for the ‘perfect shot’? Wouldn’t it be easier if you already had images of the things you use? What you’re interested in. Challenges that YOU come across. Achievements that YOU have attained. YOUR life experiences. Or even something as simple as using your brand colours.

    Just because you love photos of steaming hot chocolate, complete with marshmellows, cream & chocolate sprinkles (just me?) – that doesn’t mean it will translate to your potential or existing clients. Don’t muddy your message. You want to share what you’re all about! You want to stand out from the crowd – stock photos can be used by anyone, including your competitors. 

    Ready to stand out?

    If you would like to know more, I’d love to have a chat & help bring your brand to life. If this has been useful, please share it or comment below! 

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