This has to be one of the toughest parts of planning a session – what are my photoshoot outfits?? It’s definitely one of my most asked questions! Whilst I do offer some style tips in your welcome pack, sometimes it’s a little more nuanced so that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Often it’s not just about the outfit, but about making sure you feel good in front of the lens – so let’s chat styles and posing tips as well as the outfit basics.

Keeping it simple – basic outfit inspiration

So lets start with the easy bit. This is your session, and you need to decide what kind of vibe you’re going for in your final images. Sometimes it’s nice to glam up a bit, but if you want to look at your photos and see ‘you’ then I’d suggest keeping clothing, makeup and hair closer to what you would do day to day. 

What we’re looking for is creating confidence in your images, and we can do that by wearing something that you feel comfortable in. When you are looking through your wardrobe, try to avoid too much pattern as this can draw your eye in the final photos, and can also clash with the backdrop! Are you a happy, bright coloured person? If so, introduce a little pop of colour in your top, or layer up with a bright blazer for some variety. Layering with jackets or blazers can also help you feel more confident if you feel a little bigger than usual. 

Try not to leave choosing your outfit to the last minute – you don’t want to be panicking about what to wear whilst scrubbing your horse to perfection! There’s nothing worse than realising your favourite jeans are in the washing pile (or worse, in the wash and soaked) when you go to grab them. Give your boots a wipe down, and one final tip – avoid bold branding – you want your images to be relevant in 10 years, 30 years and beyond. 

Let’s optimise – tips to trick the camera

This is moving a little away from outfits, but I want to give you some tips to feel good in front of the camera, whatever you choose to wear on the day. Thankfully I’ve picked up a few little tricks along the way to help you feel great and fall in love with your images when you see them.

Stick your chin out

Avoid that cheeky double chin by slightly jutting your chin out. This gives your jaw a more defined look, and you can try putting your tongue on the roof of your mouth to tighten up your facial muscles a little too. It will feel a little unnatural at first, but I promise it works. Have a go in the mirror and see!

Keep it plain

Bold patterns can draw attention to unflattering curves. By sticking to single colours, you create clean lines that will elongate your body and make you look slimmer.

How to hold your body

Ever wondered how models ALWAYS look so good and well proportioned? They know how to work their body to look great! It’s a simple trick too – want to make something look smaller? Move it further away from the camera. Emphasising your fave feature? Bring it in closer!

On the same topic, we want to avoid having your arms hanging at your sides. This pose will make your shoulders and torso look wider. Thankfully you’ve got a partner on your photoshoot who will make this easy! With our horses, we naturally tend to hold our arms at a right angle, serving dual purposes of thinning us & covering any midriff creases we want to avoid.

Standing at an angle will maximise the slimming effect, simply place one foot slightly back, shift your weight onto the back foot and pop that front heel. Angling your shoulders and hips away from the camera & towards your horse will make your waist appear slimmer, and deepens the connection between your and your horse in your photos.

Flattery gets you everywhere

Whilst it might feel like tight-fitting clothes highlight your unwanted curves, it’s actually not true. Bulky or baggy clothes will actually amplify any concerns over looking heavy, so try to select clothing that is light and semi-fitted if you’re not feeling confident!

Posture – you’re a rider!

Just like we want to sit up straight when riding, the same goes on your photoshoot. Slouching makes you look shorter and also angles your body towards your middle. Standing/sitting straight elongates your frame, making your legs and torso appear thinner. If we’re sitting, it’s also handy to note that crossing your legs at the ankles will elongate and slim your legs (though it does depend what you’re perching on when you’re posing with your horse!)

Have fun & relax

Just chill out and enjoy spending time with your horse. If you’re tense it will show in your photos, so take a deep breath, relax your shoulders and think happy horsey thoughts! We’ll get you moving and laughing on the day so that you can truly enjoy your time in front of the lens, so we can create images you’ll fall in love with and treasure day after day.  

Laura Fiddaman Photography
UK Pet Portrait Photographer
Equine | Canine