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Pawtraits to remember


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Having Laura at the beach with my family and dogs to capture precious moments was brilliant!

Your dog in the spotlight

As well as capturing some images of you with your dog, we are going to really highlight them as the star of the show. Working primarily in woodland, we will create stunning photographs that I know you will love to hang on your walls at home. These pieces of art are custom edited by hand after your photoshoot, and will pick out every gorgeous detail of your dog. Other locations are possible – just schedule a call for a chat!

How it works

Your photoshoot will take place in a woodland area, where we are permitted to be taking photos. A select few options are available for you to choose from, to ensure that we can get the best variety from your session. These are outdoor photoshoots, with no flash lighting – just us and nature!

We will have had a chat about the location and whether your dog will be on or off lead, and what commands they have learned. Fear not – if they have to stay on lead, this is not a problem! We just have to be a bit smarter 🙂 

Your photoshoot will be a special and enjoyable experience for you and your dogs. Enjoy spending some time with your furry friends whilst we protect some of these precious moments and memories. 

The Experience

All too often we overlook the small pleasures in everyday life, a photoshoot with your dog means you can slow it all down and really be in the moment. Take this time out with a professional photographer to capture these moments, and never regret not getting around to capturing your pet in their prime. 

 Included in your photoshoot:

Welcome pack

Your pack will be sent out to you upon payment of your booking fee. It contains more detail on locations, outfits and what to expect as well as your personal referral code! 

Private online booking portal

The hub of your booking. You will receive login details to the portal after your welcome pack arrives. This is a safe place for all of our correspondence, booking forms and contracts, and you can even upload photos of your dogs so I can ‘meet’ them beforehand!

Pre-shoot consultation

A week or so before your photoshoot, we will set up a call so that we can go over the finer details – outfits, location briefing, your dog’s character, and any concerns you may have

Your photoshoot (no restricted timescale, allow 2 hours)

Focussing on creating a variety of stunning images! There’s no clock watching here, with only one shoot scheduled per day as standard, my time is yours for as long as we need. If your dog is not able to walk very far, or isn’t used to longer walks, please let me know and we can organise a suitable location / route. 

In-person private viewing & ordering session

With laptop in hand, I look forward to coming back to see you with the best selection of your photos. I have a small number of sample products for you to see, and we will go through your gallery together to select your favourite images. I can advise on wall art for your home, and ensure that we get all of the finer detail down to create the perfect heirloom pieces for you. Generally held a couple of weeks after your photoshoot, your ordering session can be fast-tracked to as soon as the following week for an additional fee.


For queries or to book your luxury photoshoot, please get in touch via the link below

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No hidden costs, UK travel included

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Want to know more?

Check out my planning guide to a stress free photoshoot experience GUIDE COMING SOONSCHEDULE A CALL


My dog has to stay on lead

That’s no problem at all here, all I ask is that you don’t have your dog in a harness for your photos. If they walk better with one, then we can remove it for the shots only! For the less fluffy dogs, I recommend de-sensitising your dog to a slip lead so we can get the final image we’re looking for. 

My dog isn't in the best of health

Have no fear, you and your dog are in safe hands. Where walking isn’t an option, I can provide a studio backdrop and lighting or meet you at an appropriate outdoor location within their capabilities. It’s important for me to capture your dog looking like themselves as much as possible, and not in discomfort.

What if it rains?

We do love the Great British weather – and the forecasts change like the wind. We will keep a close eye on what’s forecast in the 48 hours before your session. If anything needs to change, we will usually have this chat and reschedule the day before. Oftentimes, it’s just a case of being flexible with times and working around showers!

What should I bring?

  • Treats / cooked chicken
  • Favoured toys
  • Simple lead / collar
  • Poo bags
  • Spare lead
  • Water
  • Towel
  • Whistle / training aids

Memories pending...


Laura is an equine photographer based in Suffolk, photographing horses in the East of England and beyond.