Horse hair keepsake frames

Tails to Treasure - handcrafted by Laura

Tails to Treasure

The best horses in Heaven, they have no tail
This is a rule they all know without fail
For when angels new sport a short cut bob
They all know this horse did a very good job

His owner couldn’t bear to part with her friend
So she saved his tail, now it can’t be the end
She braided and wrapped it in ribbons and bows
The hardest part as everyone knows

To enter Heaven with no tail is an honour
A sign of the trust he bestowed upon her
A message shared both far and wide
Tells us all that this horse was cared for with pride

He may be in Heaven, his time on Earth done
But this horse was cherished, cared for by one
He left behind a broken heart
And a soul from which he will never part

Let's make that tail count

The process

1. Fill in the order form below, and make your payment
2. You receive your confirmation email, including details of any balance due
3. I send you a stamped addressed envelope for you to return your horse hair to me
4. Images are proofed, and sent for printing on approval by you
5. I inlay the tail into the photo
6. Any outstanding balance is now due, prior to the artwork being delivered to my framer
7. 14 – 28 days turnaround with framer
8. Final artwork is carefully wrapped and sent out to you, along with any leftover horse hair


Yesterday I was given this amazing photograph with some of Honey’s tail hair, which was a complete surprise and was overwhelmed… Thank you for such a lovely gift, it means the world to me and I am so lucky to have some wonderful memories of my special girl



Do I have to have a photoshoot with you?

No. As long as you have a good quality image that you have permission to print, with your horse’s tail on display, I can create you a special piece of artwork.

How much tail hair do I need?
Approximately a pencil width of hair, as long as possible. For the larger frames, half as much again
What sizes are available?
The print size is either 8″ x 12″ or 12″ x 16″ before framing
Where do you get these from?
These are made by myself, I arrange the printing of the photograph onto special backing. The tail is prepared by me and laid into the print before it goes to my framer
I'm worried about posting the hair

I will send you a self addressed tracked delivery envelope for you to send your tail hair to me

Is there glass in them?
Yes, the product is a special keepsake item and is framed with a 70% UV reflective glass, to give a super clear finish, and protect your photos from light pollution so that you can enjoy it for many years to come
Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I can offer a 3 month payment plan on these, but products will not be delivered until the full balance is cleared. The photo will be taken to be framed once the second payment is received.

What colour are the frames?
The standard colour is Hardwick White from Farrow & Ball. This is a traditional grey with a rich and chalky hue. It sits just as well in a contemporary room as it does in a historic home. Other options are available on request.

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Laura is a specialist equine photographer based in Suffolk, photographing horses and dogs in the East of England and beyond.