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WeShop is giving away 90% of the business to the community of members who use it. Simply put, shop like normal at over 750 retailers and you’ll earn Shareback. Every share you earn is another slice of the pie, you can withdraw your shares or hold onto them and watch them grow.

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WeShop – the smarter way to spend

You’ve probably heard of cashback, and may even have used a few different sites over the years, but have you come across WeShop’s revolutionary new Shareback technology? 

Here’s a question for you:

If you were at Tesco doing your monthly shop & the checkout operator handed you £10 for your shopping bill of £100 – would you refuse it? 

That’s how you earn with the WeShop app – it doesn’t cost you a penny more, it’s entirely FREE to join and you can start earning today on all of your online purchases. 

So how much are we talking?

Well it’s all in the boxes below, but you can earn 50% shareback on your first purchase, and WeShop also put on special rates from time to time too!

If you’re still not convinced, and can’t understand how it’s not too good to be true – WeShop were one of the headline sponsors of this year’s Soccer Aid, and with over 750 retailers now backing them, you can turn down the opportunity to earn free money or you can sign up and take your slice of the pie! Imagine if you’d had a few shares in Amazon or Google a decade ago… This is your chance to be a part of the shopping revolution – go on, just give it a try. 

Make your first purchase within 30 days of signing up & earn 50% shareback at any retailer on the app, with no limit on how much you spend. 

So if you’re thinking of booking a holiday, or making a bigger purchase, now’s the time to click that WeShop button!

Earn 10% shareback on every purchase made after your initial buy at all retailers available on WeShop.

Invite a friend to WeShop, and when they sign up with your username as a referral, earn 2.5% shareback on anything that they spend through the app… Indefinitely.

When you join the WeShop community, you can also make use of the Instagram style ‘Newsfeed’ which allows you to browse others recommendations as well as sharing your own. If anyone purchases from your recommendation link, you will receive 1% shareback on their order – and they don’t even have to buy the item you’ve recommended!

Keep an eye on the WeShop socials and your app, as sometimes you can get higher shareback rates for limited periods! 

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and start your savings pot!